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Tour the USA with our College Exposure Camp

VIP, in partnership with Front Row Brasil, is proud to announce the 2024 VIP College Exposure Camp.

The VIP College Exposure Camp combines fun, tourism and a lot of volleyball in one of the best volleyball facilities in Las Vegas. The highlight is the 5 days of intensive volleyball training at the Vegas ACES Volleyball Club, where our participants (athletes aged 14-17) will be alongside some of the best volleyball coaches in the USA. 

In addition to the training sessions, our participants will have the opportunity to play friendly games against local teams, exp[lore the main tourist attractions of the cities, visit local universities, and, after-practice meetings with college coaches. A great opportunity to not only improve your volleyball skills but also gain exposure to top USA colleges and universities! 

The camp includes:

  • 5 days of intensive volleyball training sessions at ACES Volleyball Club

  • Friendly Games against College Level and Local Volleyball Teams

  • Opportunity to visit local universities/colleges and meet college level volleyball coaches 

  • Sightseeing and Tourist Activities around Las Vegas

  • Travel kit with practice uniform, two t-shirts, shorts & a backpack

  • Opportunity to improve volleyball skills, get exposure to college environments, access to top USA volleyball coaches

To find out more, navigate to our USA Tour 2024 webpage.


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