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The Legends Camp 2024

Today, we complete one month since we began the LEGENDS Volleyball Camp. We would like to express our gratitude to the incredible Olympic Volleyball medalists, Mauricio Lima and Giba. Exactly a month ago, they arrived in Australia with a mission that transcended any expectation: to transform lives through volleyball. Their humility, joy, and dedication were the light that illuminated our hearts and showed us the true meaning of sports.

From the moment they set foot on this soil, they not only brought with them their shining medals but also carried an immeasurable burden of hope and inspiration. They believed in us, when few dared to do so. They not only believed but acted. Their presence here marked the beginning of a journey we will never forget.

Together, we built something extraordinary. We held one of the largest volleyball camp this land has ever seen, not just in numbers, but in impact. With every pass, every attack, every shared smile, we witnessed the magic of sports in its purest form. Each participant took home more than techniques and skills; they took with them the belief that they could achieve the impossible.

Mauricio Lima and Giba not only taught volleyball, they taught values that transcend the courts. They showed us that, with humility and hard work, we can overcome any obstacle. They remind us that true joy lies in the shared journey and the human connections we form along the way.

Today, as we look back on this past month, my heart overflows with gratitude. We thank Mauricio Lima and Giba for believing in us, for bringing their passion for volleyball to this side of the world, and for leaving a legacy that will endure forever. They not only changed the history of volleyball here in Australia, they changed our lives. For that, we will be eternally grateful.

A big thanks to our partners and sponsors for trusting in us and to everyone involved as a player, coach or supporter.

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