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Beat Lockdown

Check out the videos below - warm up 2.0 and Game Fit.

Both designed by Core Advantage to keep you fit and healthy .

Meet  one of our partners

We are excited to be partnering up with CORE ADVANTAGE who are training specialists running -Athlete Development Programs. Together we aim to the best volleyball athletes building strong, flexible and agile players that will reach their full potential.

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Form more info click on the logo above

 Core Advantage Warm Up 2.0
 Game Fit -during lockdown
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Changes to Game Fit

We have changed the dimensions and timing for this activity.

The dimensions of the running area is the length and width of a volleyball court 18m X 9m.

The timing is:

 45 sec 10 in one

 45 sec  rest

2 and 1/2 min game fit circuit

All 3 components make up 1/4, start by doing 2/4s then move to 3/4s then 4/4s ( This would be over a couple of weeks)

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