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School volleyball program

This program aims to create a curriculum for volleyball to be developed from years 7 to year 12. The methodology is based on scientific evidence to perfect the teaching-learning process, providing those involved, with more enjoyable activities resulting in better athletic performance enhancing school and student prestige.

This is not seen as a once-off clinic but rather an implementation of a developmental program. Designed for schools who seek to improve the quality of volleyball achieve more comprehensive results in the tournaments they play and foster a team mindset. Our aim is to provide a life-long desire for the sport and embed this culture into the school community. 
The curriculum content will include various aspects of volleyball from the physical to the tactical, all prepared and delivered under the eyes of highly trained professionals.

Find out how to access our services by clicking on the link below. 

Elite training is designed for athletes from 14 years of age and older, catering for both sexes who aim to compete at the highest state and national level.  A component of this training prepares the athlete for the possibility of obtaining a scholarship to a university and/or trials with professional clubs overseas.

The program includes the various technical considerations that instil in an athlete the ability to read and determine the tactics of game play with excellence.   Enhance an understanding of all aspects of the game including skill development, improvement in physical strength, speed, agility and power. Our holistic approach to the athlete ensures the psychological maturity of a player is of importance, providing guidance that determines how to deal with different situations during a match and at training. Periodic physical and technical evaluations will be carried out to monitor the athlete's progression along with * training and match videos which will aid in feedback and assessment for skill progression.

These videos can be edited and used to support the application of athletes for various scholarships.

* Videos will have a separate cost in the program

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