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Australia Day Honours awarded
to Sue Rice OAM

Recycle your empty containers

2024 Teams  announced 
Friday16th Feb

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Thanks to all our players for trying out for our teams.

Our aim is to publish our teams by the evening of Friday 16th Feb.

If you have any questions about your team, please speak to Sue, Ricardo or Narene. We can share the rational behind selections.

We are excited to announce Susan (Sue) Rice has been awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to volleyball!

Sue Rice is a name synonymous with volleyball. Having represented both Victoria and then Australia herself as a player, Sue's dedication now extends to guiding the next generation of volleyballers hoping to follow in her footsteps. She is the Co-founder  and South East Region Volleyball Academy (SERVA) and coached Victorian Junior State Teams for both indoor and beach volleyball as well as involved in National Junior and Senior Teams.

Sue is also Head Coach of Caulfield Grammar's extensive volleyball program and was awarded Coach of the Year by Volleyball Victoria in 2014.

Sue’s commitment to the growth and development of volleyball players and coaches has been tremendous. We're extremely lucky to have Sue involved in our sport and wish her congratulations on behalf of the wider Volleyball Victoria community on her significant recognition.

To help fundraise for our club we have joined the Re-Turn it project

Just bring all your empty containers to training and place them in the Re-Turn it bin and we can recycle them for money for our club.

You can also do it yourself at any

location near you (For location details go to )

Make sure you look for the button that says donating partner

"Volleyball Institute of Performance"

**Note- cans must not be crushed and barcodes need to be readable

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