State Teams announced  2022

Presentation Night

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Congratulations to our VIP athletes who have made state selection

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Fundraising Day for our Victorian Team members


Sunday 14th August 

1pm - 5pm

 Ellie Mellings           - U/14 

 Izabella Cheng      - U/14 

 Ishan Shamar        - U/15 

 Eleisha Lin              - U/15 

 La Rina Passi          - U/15 

 Jess Turner             - U/15 

 Lois Papatua          - U/16 

 Natarsha Tereapii - U/16 

 Tupuna Moeroa     - U/17 

 Caron Sequiera     -  U/17 

 Sophie Berry          - U/17 

 Tessa Coote            - U/18 

Please watch out for fundraising opportunities to help our players get to the championships. We need your support.

DATE:   Wednesday 31 August 2022

TIME:   6.30 pm



Bring the family and friends as we celebrate and honour the VIP athletes who participated in the 2022 State League Competition.
90s Theme or neat and casual
Collection of Trophies

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