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About Us


'Our mission is to provide an unsurpassed volleyball experience to players of all ages, skill and gender regardless of cultural, social and economic status. At VIP we aim to engage highly qualified coaches, up to date software and equipment and support both our state and national sporting body.'


Our Vision and Values

  • An opportunity for all athletes to learn and improve their skills to the highest level.

  • Participate in national camps led by national and international coaches. 

  • Offer membership/subscription at a minimal cost to athletes so no player misses the chance to play volleyball due to financial hardship.

  • The opportunity to represent VIP in international tours.

  • Compete at the highest level, both nationally and internationally

  • Develop a volleyball community and social competition locally, that promotes fun and enjoyment.

  • Purchase, develop, and maintain our own venue and promotion of quality standard volleyball competition.


  • Loyalty: to be loyal to each other, believe in what is being done and make constructive criticism when necessary

  • Passion: create drive and determination to be and do better

  • Camaraderie: help each other on and off the court, develop well-being

  • Transparency: clear communication and goals, so all parties have ownership

  • Honesty: speak your truth without having the intention of hurting another

  • Example: Be a role model for others to follow both on and off the court

  • Commitment: 100% involvement. In training, games and life

Our TeamU*

Our PartnersU*

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